Why Invest in a DMCI Homes Condo?

Why Invest in a DMCI Homes Condo?

For long-term investments, a house is often considered the best asset. But as with any property, not all of them are looked at equally. Location and quality-of-life factor into the value of these places, along with other things that can affect their attractiveness to prospective buyers.

When it comes to real estate, it’s better to go for condos vs. a house investment. These properties are usually less expensive than their subdivision counterparts. Condos are also traditionally located within business districts or, in some cases, near transit stations. That’s why many people look up to trusted real estate developers like DMCI Homes when they need an answer to their real estate needs.

Why DMCI Homes? Because they don’t just build condominiums— they build vibrant communities and create a lifestyle that fits the modern standards. 

Commute-Friendly Locations

DMCI Homes accommodate the needs of the average commuter. Not only does it save time, but it also gives them easy access to thriving neighborhoods that house general goods stores and local eateries. 

The Oriana is a perfect example of this. Located along Aurora Boulevard in Quezon City, its nearby roads lead straight to its neighboring cities’ business districts.

Recreational Facilities 

One of the best benefits tenants of DMCI Homes get is access to their building’s well-maintained wellness facilities. From pools to sports rooms, everyone and their guests are free to utilize these areas as a way to encourage active lifestyles. Certain places also provide access to windowless open spaces with beautiful views.

Many families within The Oriana and The Fortis Residences love the beautiful landscaping that envelops most of the outdoor facilities available within the building. This is to ensure that tenants and their guests aren’t just relegated to standard condominium environments and are instead given serene surroundings to immerse themselves in.

Feel free to check out the facilities on the Fortis Residences page and see what the people there are taking advantage of every week. 

Guaranteed Quality of Life Improvements

Besides the benefits mentioned above, tenants are blessed with the privilege of living peaceful lives regarding security and structural integrity. The peace of mind is akin to living in a well-maintained subdivision where the community is valued, and safety is its guards’ top priority. Raising children within these residences is as easy as one-two-three, and the facilities guarantee that they’ll engage in healthy, physical activities as they grow during their time there. 

Meanwhile, the developers were thoughtful enough to include sustainability features like the Lumiventt Technology, which allows natural light and air to permeate the whole building. As a result, this feature helps residents lower power consumption and prevent sick building syndrome in the long run. DMCI Homes are unique because of designs like this that care for its tenants’ well-being.

Condos are a Good Investment

DMCI is a trusted name in real estate, and condo investors know that the quality of our homes is worth investing in for long-term profit. It’s up to them how they want to go about their business, whether selling it furnished or letting the value appreciate after a few years. Most real estate players invest in condos for rental income, which is usually the safer, less expensive bet. 

The important thing is that the demand is there, and it’s unlikely to fizzle out anytime soon now that many companies are starting to embrace work-from-home set-ups. A great home with a nice view is a tempting offer for the average worker looking to live life to the fullest. 

And if you’re still not convinced, feel free to check out all of DMCI Homes at the DMCI main homepage. Remember, urban living is just a click away if you’re in the market for a place worth every peso.