5 Interior Design Tips for Condo Units to Make It Look Spacious

5 Interior Design Tips for Condo Units to Make It Look Spacious

Living in a high-rise condominium can be your ticket to enjoying living in the city. However, most units often come with limited space. Living in a cramped space can challenge feeling relaxed and comfortable in your home.

Thanks to some interior design tweaks, you can make your condo unit look big. This blog post will help you create an airy atmosphere and give you more breathing room in your condo.

Interior Design Hacks for a More Spacious Condo

With the right choice and application of condo interior design, you can maximize the living space in your home with just a few hacks. The good news is you can use some of their techniques just like the ones below:

Let the Light In

A proven way to make your condo unit look spacious is to allow as much natural light to flood your home as possible. A well-lit space filled with natural light can make a room feel brighter and more expansive. If your condo has windows, replace heavy curtains with sheer or light-colored window treatments such as screens to allow more natural light. You should also avoid covering your windows with furniture. 

Natural light can also help highlight your condo unit’s features, such as high ceilings or beautiful finishes.

If you don’t have enough natural light in your condo, consider using artificial light with the same hue to create a similar effect. Choose lighting fixtures with soft white bulbs that mimic natural light. You can also add floor lamps, table lamps, or task lighting to brighten up darker corners of your space.

Use Light Colors

Choice of color plays a crucial role in making your condo unit look spacious. Light colors reflect light, creating an illusion of more space. On the other hand, dark colors absorb light, making a room look smaller and more cramped.

Pick light colors, which include whites, creams, beiges, light grays, and pastels, for your walls, furniture, and decor. Meanwhile, use only a few bright or bold colors, as they can make your space look cluttered and manageable. You can also use accent colors sparingly, such as throw pillows, rugs, or artwork.

Choose Space-Saving Furniture

Furniture can occupy a lot of space in a condo unit. To make it look spacious, choose furniture scaled appropriately for your area. Avoid oversized or bulky furniture, as it can make your condo unit look constricted. Instead, buy furniture with clean lines and a minimalist design.

Multifunctional furniture is another excellent addition to make the most of your condo. Choose a sofa you can use as a guest bed or an ottoman for extra seating and storage. Choose furniture with visible legs, creating an illusion of more space.

Consider using transparent or translucent furniture like a glass coffee table or acrylic chairs. This change will create an unobstructed view and make your condo unit look more spacious.

Use Mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to make your condo unit look more spacious. They reflect light and create an illusion of more space. You can hang a large mirror on the wall to create a focal point in your area. You can also use smaller mirrors to create a gallery wall or to add interest to your space.

You can also use mirrored furniture to make your condo unit look more spacious. For example, a mirrored dresser or nightstand can reflect light and make your bedroom look more prominent. Placing mirrors strategically allows light to reflect from windows or fixtures.

Maximize Storage

A cluttered condo unit can make your space look smaller and cramped. To make your condo unit look more spacious, you must maximize storage. Consider using storage solutions that fit your space and your lifestyle. Install vertical storage solutions, such as bookcases or floating shelves, to maximize the use of wall space. Use baskets, storage ottomans, or under-bed storage containers to store items out of sight.

You may also use furniture that doubles as storage, such as a storage bench or a coffee table with a hidden compartment. These pieces of furniture provide storage while also serving additional purposes.

Psychological Benefits of Condos that Look Spacious

Living in a condominium can offer you many advantages. But if you fail to maximize its space, you may feel like staying in a hollow place sucked out of air. Aside from having a sense of freedom, here are other possible benefits of making your place look spacious.

Reduced stress

A cluttered and cramped living space can increase stress levels, making it difficult to relax and unwind. A spacious condo, on the other hand, can create a sense of calm that can help relieve stress.

Improved mood

A well-lit and open space can bring a positive impact on your mood. Natural light and a spacious feel can promote feelings of happiness and contentment, helping to improve our overall mood.

Increased productivity

Living in a space that looks and feels spacious can also provide an ideal environment if you work at home. With more space to move around, there is less distraction, more room for creativity and focus, and increased productivity.

Better social interactions

A condo with adequate space allows you to entertain guests and socialize. A well-planned living room or open floor plan can provide a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for friends and family to gather.


Living in a condominium in Ortigas and other areas in Metro Manila can be your only option if you want to avoid the hassles of urban living. While convenient, this residential property often has limited space, making it feel like a prison cell. Fortunately, you can make it look and feel spacious by applying the tips mentioned above.

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