The Importance of Natural Beauty in Condo Buildings

The Importance of Natural Beauty in Condo Buildings

As great as having a place of your own, many prefer to live in an area that’s secure and has beautiful communal facilities. Gardens and relaxation areas have their way of stimulating our senses. Moreover, according to studies, concrete environments and cramped areas within high-rise buildings can affect a person’s mental health long-term. Worst case scenario, they can inflict a sense of claustrophobia on the tenants and their children.

DMCI has been developing homes with a mix of landscaping and architectural elegance. One of the best examples out there is the Sonora Garden Residences, a modern city-view condominium structure with direct access to Robinsons Place Las Piñas. 

What makes Sonora Garden Residence attractive to families? Read on to find out!

Parks for recreation

One of Sonora Garden Residences’ best features is its beautiful parks with plenty of room and greenery. Residents can use the activity lawn and picnic area for activities that strengthen family bonds over time. 

Students can also use these open facilities as an alternative area to study. Cafes and private rooms provide a more peaceful atmosphere, but the natural beauty of these places can stimulate the minds of the country’s future professionals.

Pools with a view

Remember those warm summer afternoons you can only imagine submerging yourself into a tub of ice-cold water? If you invest in a Sonora Garden Residences property, that fantasy can become a reality. 

The pool area is popular with residents because lounging there pampers them in a way that they can visit it anytime they want, as opposed to planning a pool trip twice per summer. It’s a luxury perk that’s hard to find fault with, plus tenants can even invite their mutuals over for a fun hangout!

Children’s playground

While we now live in the digital age, that doesn’t mean we should relegate our children to digital entertainment. Kids should be encouraged to go outside and be physically active! 

With wide open spaces and tons of recreational equipment, this facility will no doubt give kids a reason to love life away from their mobile phones and television shows. 

The sky’s the limit!

Parents and adults can enjoy a relaxing break at the Sky Lounge. The design of this facility is inspired by a mix of contemporary and tropical aesthetics, with interior plants that make the place livelier and less sterile than your usual lounges. After all, the best ideas come from clean and rich environments that encourage healthy thinking! 

The DMCI experience

DMCI is a trusted name in real estate, and condo investors know that the quality of our homes is worth investing in for long-term profit. All our homes provide ample space and easy access to all the facilities mentioned above.

A beautiful view of nature awaits those with a taste for quality living. If living in a Las Pinas condo isn’t your thing, and you’re looking for a home in a specific area, then feel free to check out the DMCI.