Living in Makati: A City of Opportunities

Living in Makati: A City of Opportunities

Makati is often a prominent place for high-class living, as it’s one of the country’s financial and central business districts. Many employees and corporate higher-ups choose to live here because of the city’s opportunities. 

Makati City also offers other benefits, such as proper urban planning, which makes casual strolls a pleasant experience. This is perfect for those looking to ease their minds from the stress of life. If you’re leaning toward buying a condo unit in Makati, here are a few reasons to help you decide.

Top-notch security

Safety is Makati’s priority. Keeping its residents and workers free from harm is one of the many things that has made the city attractive. At one point, Makati was among the top safest cities in Southeast Asia, according to a survey by the international research group, Numbeo.

While the city isn’t 100% free of petty crime, it’s still essential to practice safety precautions. Beyond that, Makati City is pretty much as safe as it can get.

Great for Makati employees

One of the main reasons many people decide to live in Makati is because it’s close to where they work. It can be difficult to commute to, and from the city, so many people choose to buy a condominium or rent one. Makati is home to numerous companies (many of which are banking institutions and BPOs). Many opt to stay near for easy commuting. There’s also a wide variety of commodity stores around to ensure city dwellers never run out of activities to go for when they feel bored at home.

Luxuries and hang-out places everywhere

There are plenty of beautiful places in Makati for people to make memories. Shopping centers are readily available for the public to take advantage of, as well as hotels and bar varieties that are either great for after-office get-togethers or for meeting up with high society folks.

A diverse community

Explore the city every week, and you’ll find plenty of people roaming the streets with stories to tell. Living in condos can also provide opportunities to meet with folks who can make a difference. 

Fortis Residences is one of the best high-rise condo in Makati. A project under DMCI, its future residents can expect it to boast facilities residents can enjoy. From pools to courts, couples and families looking for a place to call home will find it perfect. 

Even those who love socializing will undoubtedly find living in Fortis Residences convenient. But suppose one prefers to experience Makati without company, there are parks and lively dining districts nearby to explore.

At Makati City, expect Urban Living at its finest.