Condo Living for Starters: How to Choose the Best Unit for Your New Family

Condo Living for Starters: How to Choose the Best Unit for Your New Family

Now that you are about to start or already have a new family, consider finding a suitable abode. While the search process has improved, thanks to ever-growing technology, finding the right fit could be challenging.

While owning a house and lot is preferred by many, living in a good condo unit could be a more practical choice, especially for urban workers. Condominiums have a lot of benefits, especially for new families. Besides less maintenance, most of these property types are located near business centers, saving you energy and time for your family.

Factors to Consider in Buying Condo

But with more and more condo buildings sprouting in various prime locations in Metro Manila, Cebu, Davao, and other major cities in the country, you may need an extra that suits your needs, convenience, and, of course, budget. Here are some buying condo tips to consider when buying your dream abode.


Even though condos are often built at prime locations, you still need to pick the ones that suit your requirements based on your family’s priorities. If you commute via public transportation, check condos near an MRT station or readily accessible to bus stops. You may also pick one which is strategically located near your office, your partner’s, or your children’s school for convenience, safety, and cost-efficiency.

Unit Type 

Developers offer different unit types depending on their sizes, number of bedrooms,  amenities, and other factors. Some questions to consider are whether it is spacious enough to accommodate your starting and growing family, the number of bedrooms, and the comfort you get from the unit.


While all condo buildings have security guards and are equipped with CCTV cameras and other security equipment, how they are managed differs from one developer to another. The best way to know the security competence and responsiveness is to check by directly asking the residents or someone who knows the residents of your target unit.

Unit Position

Another point to consider is its position within the building. Check the condo floor plan and where your prospective unit is positioned.

If you are sensitive to sound outdoors, you may need to pick the units found on the higher floors. Its position relative to the sun is also a significant consideration, especially if you are health-conscious. But remember that the units placed in “sweet spots” within the building often cost more.


Every developer offers a unique set of amenities to stand above the competition. Many companies provide swimming pools, fitness areas, lounges, and many others. 

Take advantage of their list of amenities! Of course, pricier units often have more amenities for more comfortable living, but DMCI Homes condo units now have decent features. Check these details out before purchasing the unit.

Condo fees

Homeowners association fees, also known as condominium dues, are paid monthly by property owners to homeowners’ associations. These dues are collected for the maintenance and improvement of the property, including its amenities and exteriors. Its rate usually depends on the developer of your target unit.

Property Developer 

The property developer’s reputation is also crucial in choosing the right condo for your newly established family. Do not buy a unit from just any company. Pick one that has been in the industry for a long time.

Choose also a developer that has already built and maintained several properties. The developer’s time in the business reflects the company’s trust in its residents.


For a new family, selecting the proper abode is crucial. You don’t want your partner or newly born children to experience discomfort just because you made the wrong choice. Choose the most suitable condo for your family from established developers like DMCI Homes.

DMCI Homes has stood the test of time in the residential property business for more than two decades. Contact DMCI Homes to consult for the best unit that would fit your needs.