Keep Your Condo Cool: Eco-Friendly Ways to Beat the Summer Heat in Your Unit

Keep Your Condo Cool: Eco-Friendly Ways to Beat the Summer Heat in Your Unit

The Philippine summer season is just around the corner. While this period is best for going outdoors and enjoying vacations, travel, and adventure, this is also the time when Pinoys and especially foreign immigrants, feel the scorching heat. Add to this the country’s extreme humidity, and you’re in for unpleasant weather that keeps you sweating during the coming hot, dry months.

Filipinos have been living under this hot and humid weather since birth, so we have devised condo cooling hacks like installing air conditioning, oversized electric fans, and others.

Why do you need to reduce dependence on air conditioning?

However, while an air conditioning unit is a must to lower the temperature inside your condo, over-dependence on these can bring many problems, including:

High energy cost

Air conditioning can be expensive, especially in large residential buildings or places with high electricity prices. On average, the typical window-type AC unit consumes 1,118W per hour (or 1.118 kWh). Assuming you use it for eight hours a day, expect around ₱2,500 increase to your monthly energy bill.

Health concerns

Over-reliance on air conditioning can reduce your body’s ability to regulate its temperature. Lower tolerance to heat can make you vulnerable to diseases like heat rashes and heat exhaustion when you go to places with no cooling system. Extended use of this device can also restrict air circulation, leading to breathing difficulties, more allergy and asthma attacks, skin irritations, and other health problems.

Environmental impact

AC units require a considerable amount of energy to operate. Sadly, this energy often comes from fossil fuels contributing to global warming. Also, AC units, especially the earlier generations, emit refrigerants that contribute to environmental pollution by damaging the ozone layer and emission of greenhouse gas.

What are some green hacks to reduce condo temperature?

Here are some hacks and other DMCI Homes condo organization tips for summer to lower your condo temperature to complement your cooling devices:

Choose a north-facing condo

When choosing a condo, check the location of your unit. Its position determines its exposure to direct sunlight. Pick one that faces north because it gets the least sunlight. Avoid west-facing ones, as they are the most exposed to the afternoon sun.

Paint the interiors with light-colors

Light-colored surfaces bounce off the heat, while darker-colored ones absorb heat. Choosing lighter hues in your interiors can make a massive difference in the temperature of your condo.

Install screen in your windows

Having screens on your windows, you can open the windows to allow cooler outside air to enter your unit. It can also protect you from mosquitoes, flies, and other pests.

Use insulation

Putting heat insulation foam on the ceilings and walls can reduce heat transfer from the outside. While this procedure can be a considerable investment, this will help keep your condo cooler in the hot months and warmer in the cold months.

Place summer window treatments for condos

Installing blinds, curtains, shades, or other summer window treatments for condos can block sunlight from entering your condo. While these coverings will help reduce the heat in your home, they can also add to the design of your unit. Aside from window coverings, putting up awnings or shading screens to open areas in your condo can also block the sun’s rays from penetrating your condo.

Do heat-generating chores when the temperature is cooler 

Cooking, using the dryer, and other heat-generating chores can contribute to the heat in your condo. You can do these chores in the early morning or at night.

Bring home a dehumidifier

Humidity can increase the heat that you feel in your body. Using a dehumidifier can help reduce excess moisture in the air. This way, you can feel cooler at home during the hot months.


The Philippines is known for its hot weather all year round, especially during the “summer” or dry season. Good thing you can reduce the heat during these months with eco-friendly measures to complement or reduce the use of AC units in your DMCI Homes condo unit.

DMCI Homes not only builds durable residential units but also ensures that our homeowners have the best experience during summer. Contact our representatives to find the best unit to fit your needs.