Advantages of Owning a Condo Over a House and Lot

Advantages of Owning a Condo Over a House and Lot

Modern living requires a long list of needs you should meet for your family’s comfort and peace of mind. After going through grueling tasks at work, you often look forward to getting the relief you can only find in your home. For this reason, choosing a suitable abode for you and your family is more important than ever.

If you’ve decided to live on your own or to start your own family, one of the first things you need to consider is picking which of the modern residential units is suitable. This feature means that in a current urban setting, you need to weigh which is better for renting or owning — a condo vs. a house.

Advantages of Condos 

While owning a house is still preferred by many, the demand for acquiring a condo unit is rising. The construction of condominium properties has been sprouting in various places all over the country, proving that more and more people, especially the younger generation, favor the condo lifestyle. Here are some reasons securing a condominium unit is more advantageous than residing in a home:

More affordable and cost-efficient

Plots of available land for residential use within or near commercial centers are getting rare, making them extremely costly. So, owning a house near these venues will only drain money from your coffers if you buy a plot of land for investment. You can start by purchasing a studio-type condo. Later, you can sell it for a more spacious unit with single or multiple bedrooms as you save more money.

Near Prime City Locations

The majority of the condos are built near commercial areas. These will save their residents from hours of commute time. This arrangement will free you from stress but also slashes time off you should have spent on your family and for rest, recreation, or additional income opportunities.

Furnished with Amenities

Many condos offer swimming pools with slides, fitness centers, children’s play areas, open lawn/picnic groves, lounges, and other amenities that make your city life more pleasurable, relaxing, and engaging. Some condos even have a standby electric generator in case of a power outage. 

Building Maintenance

Finding reliable people to work on house maintenance issues, especially for your backyard and the exteriors of your home, takes a lot of time. In condo properties, these issues are addressed by condo admins or homeowners’ associations, which are responsible for maintaining the property’s exterior. You only pay for the maintenance inside your unit, which is considerably low compared to houses.

Increased Security

Besides having a maintenance department, condo developers employ security personnel to ensure their building is safe. Only registered people or visitors are allowed to enter with the consent of valid unit owners. These buildings are also equipped with CCTV cameras, fire alarms, automatic sprinkler systems, and other security devices to safeguard their unit owners.  

Belong to a Community 

Unit owners can take advantage of events organized by condo managers to foster community and expand their circle of friends. Since most units are close to each other, that would allow more frequent interactions with their neighbors. Condos also have places people can meet, like fitness centers and other venues for family events and socialization. 

Potential for Passive Income 

Offering condo units for resale or leasing is more effortless than house and lot. Aside from being in prime locations, condominiums have more attractive features that make them potential investments to earn passive income. 

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