About DMCI Homes

DMCI Homes exists to cater start-up and established families who want to enjoy living in the heart of Metro Manila and other key urban centers in the Philippines. Our condo units provide refuge to people who succeed and thrive in Philippine urban areas.


DMCI Homes offers the fully furnished dwelling space, a real home accessible to work and businesses, serving as a cocoon of good living that every family who loves living in key Philippine cities deserves.

OUR STORY: What motivated DMCI Homes?

A man named Alfonso once lived and worked in a bustling city in the Philippines. He had a wife and a baby on the way. But as the city’s cost of living soared, his dreams of a comfortable home seemed unattainable. The city’s outskirts were crowded with cookie-cutter houses on tiny plots, far from his workplace. He faced an exhausting daily commute or the rising price of city living. He was in a tough spot to be in.Inspired by Alfonso’s struggles with the high cost of city living, DMCI Homes embarked on a mission to provide affordable, accessible, and comfortable homes. Alfonso, like many, faced a dilemma of enduring long commutes or dealing with steep urban prices. Recognizing this, DMCI Homes purchased land on the city’s outskirts, envisioning a better future for individuals like Alfonso.

The Beginnings
The company, led by a visionary builder, enlisted a team of experts who shared a passion for creating quality homes. Together, they constructed mid-rise condominiums with top-notch materials and finishes, all at prices within Alfonso’s reach. The team constantly engaged with residents, seeking ways to improve and innovate.

This vision led the developer to develop crucial neighborhoods with clubhouses, playgrounds, swimming pools, parks, and green spaces at the heart of Metro Manila. DMCI Homes commits itself to ensuring that residents never feel they have compromised on their homes.

However, challenges emerged as demand grew. The enemies named Complacency and Carelessness threatened to compromise the quality of the living spaces. These adversaries could hide within seemingly diligent workers, eroding the team’s commitment to Alfonso and his needs. The battle against underservice became a daily challenge.

Steadfast in Commitment
Yet, DMCI Homes remained steadfast in its mission. As long as individuals like Alfonso sought affordable, convenient housing near the city, the Heroes of the Underserved would continue to create cocoons of comfort. They held onto their dream—a city of tomorrow, where a prosperous Alfonso would enjoy a 50-storey tower with stunning views, efficient traffic flow, and a wealth of amenities, all within reach.


In this pursuit, DMCI Homes remained dedicated to serving Alfonso and those like him, ensuring affordable, quality living was always within reach.

Vision & Mission

We shall be the best provider of residential communities designed to create quality lifestyle responsive to the changing needs and preferences of the market we serve.In so doing, we are committed:

  •  To ensure customer satisfaction
  • To achieve a sustainable growth on our shareholders investment
  • To maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with our partners in the business
  • To care for the environment we work in
  • To promote the growth of our people
  • While building an organization that espouses Integrity, Excellence and Interdependence


Lumiventt Design Technology

From ‘lumen’ meaning light and ‘ventus’ meaning wind, this pioneering design technology for high-rise structures allows ambient light and fresh air to permeate the building and all unit spaces within. Sky Patios, 3-storey high openings located at the front and back of every five-floor levels, and breezeways, vents at both sides of the building; allow cross-ventilation by employing basic principles of airflow. The introduction of single loaded hallways and central garden atriums not only improve aesthetics but also give a wide open feel to the building interior, for true resort-inspired living.

The DMCI Homes Quality Seal
The DMCI Homes Quality Seal signifies that a property has passed DMCI Homes’s standard 102 Inspection Points from the start of construction, design until the property’s turnover. This is done to assure that all our projects are high quality

Certification and Awards

Excellent quality has always been one of our strengths and it is recognized by various organizations inside and outside of the Philippines.

Quadruple A Contractor
The notice on DMCI Homes’ upgraded category was released on January 18, 2017 by Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board (PCAB). The AAAA license given to DMCI Homes is currently the highest given to firms that satisfy the institution’s requirements.
Philippine Quill Awards 2012
DMCI Homes Ikaw Na, Maybe Customer Service Campaign won an Excellence Award in the 11th Philippine Quill Awards for Communication Management Division Employee/Member Communication Category. The Philippine Quill is the country’s most prestigious and relevant award for business communicators.
Annual Communicator Awards
DMCI Homes was awarded with distinction for its: Corporate Website, Mobile Application, and Print Ad: Ours is a Story on Quality. The Communicator Awards is the leading international awards program recognizing big ideas in marketing and communications.
ULI Healthy Places Awards
Aiming to recognize outstanding and innovative development with advance design strategies that focus on the development of environment and promote healthy living in the country, the recently-concluded 1st ULI Philippines Healthy Places Awards conferred DMCI Homes Arista Place as the winner in the residential category.
Reader’s Digest Asia Gold Trusted Brand
DMCI Homes has been consistently awarded with a Reader’s Digest Asia Gold Trusted Brand.
Asia CEO Awards 2014 Finalist
DMCI Homes is a finalist for the Asia CEO Awards NEC Company of the Year.
Philippines Green Building Council
DMCI Homes is a member of Philippines Green Building Council (PhilGBC), a national non-stock, non-profit organization that promotes the sharing of knowledge on green building practices to ensure a sustainable environment.
PANAta Awards Gold
The leading resort-inspired developer challenges its employees to a commitment of quality service, earning them a Gold award from the Philippine Association for National Advertisers (PANA) for its internal campaign entitled, Ours is a Story on Quality.
BIR 2013 Billionaires Club Award
DMCI Homes was among 10 companies that received the 2013 Billionaires Club Award from the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) for paying more than P1 billion in taxes.
Developer with the Most Value for Money
Given during The Outlook Awards of Lamudi, DMCI Homes was chosen winner in the category of the Developer with the Most Value for Money.
PANAta Excellence in Internal Communication
Gawad Kaagapay: Large Corporations Category

Our Core Values


With unity in purpose and mutual trust and respect for each other, we work toward shared aspirations and transcend boundaries along functional and organizational lines.

Customer Orientation

Our goal is to delight and please our customers. Thus, all activities and programs we undertake result in innovative projects and in the enhancement of productivity and quality.


We reject mediocrity and strive for excellence in even the smallest of details.


All our actions are guided by what is ethical, fair, and right. Believing in profit with honor, we are committed to good governance and the highest moral standards.